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Flea Treatment For Dogs

Flea treatment for dogs can be a real nuisance especially after they have attacked your dog. Identifying that your pet is infested with fleas takes some time; with many cases happening when the dog is carrying several parasites. Controlling fleas can be difficult considering that they lay eggs in many places. These eggs can survive the winter and hatch when weather is suitable. Besides, fleas do move from one pet to another, which means biting pets that further aggravate irritation of the animals.

Although there are several flea treatment for dogs regimen that have been devised, not all of them are effective to control the parasites. Some of these methods involve using toxic chemicals that can in turn be dangerous to the dog or humans. Holistic treatment for fleas involves using eco-friendly treatment procedures. Holistic methods should be used before one turns to chemical treatment of the parasites.

Flea Treatment For Dogs Methods

Among the common methods used in controlling the parasites include grooming the fur of your dog using a fine tooth flea comb. The comb helps in removing eggs and even adult fleas that are hiding in the fur of the dog. Some chemicals used in eliminating the fleas only kills the mature fleas, but fails to eliminate the eggs that later hatch continuing the flea cycle.

When washing your dog, consider washing it using natural flea repellant. There are some natural herbal shampoos that can be used in treating your dog. You should wash your dog at least two times a month using this repellent.

There are also natural flea collars which are affordable and effective too. It can be effective when used alongside other holistic fleas control methods.

Ensure to vacuum the house occasionally to help in getting rid of fleas. The vacuuming process helps in collecting the fallen fleas and eggs. The couches, carpets and other soft furnishings should be vacuumed to help in eliminating traces of the fleas.

Clean the beddings of your dog as often as possible. This helps to prevent accumulation of fleas as well as getting rid of eggs that may be waiting to hatch. Planting lavender and mint in your neighborhood is another effective method of getting rid of the parasites. Both of these herbs are natural flea repellents.

Another method used in treating the dogs entirely is through using sprays. There are a variety of sprays that have been manufactured using natural products that can be sprayed on the dog to eliminate the fleas. Nonetheless, it is imperative to ensure that you choose spray that is free of is free of toxins. You don’t want to expose your dog to chemicals that may in turn prove detrimental to its skin.

In case al these methods fail in controlling the fleas, consider looking for an effective flea control program. Nonetheless, you will need to be careful when choosing suitable control method. Consider factors such as toxic elements in your program.

You should also look at factors such as whether you have asthmatic persons living in your home or even small kids. Chemical control of fleas can cause adverse effects to your dog in addition to the dog hence the importance of putting adequate due diligence in determining suitable treatment option.

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