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Spider Mites Treatment

Every plant lover whether at home or at the office desires to have the ornamental plants looking beautiful and healthy. The beautiful and healthy conditions are often marred by plant mites. Spider mites can attack the leaves of your plants by turning the lovely green leaves plants into yellow droopy plants. Once this happens you will have to apply spider mites treatment quickly if you want to preserve your plants.

Identifying Spider Mites

Spider mites are of different species and they are one of the many types of mites that feed on plants and cause discoloration in the leaves. There is one type that is very common. They are red in color and very small. They are usually found at the underside of the leaves of plants. If left unchecked, without spider mites treatment they stay on the leaf throughout their life cycle and suck the juices from the leaves. These mites are most often attracted to the buds and the new leaves on the plants. They go for the new leaves and the buds because they find them more succulent. You may never notice that your plant is under attack at first because the damage is never easily detected, but if left unnoticed the leaves will begin to show signs of wilting, and then a yellowish color and then they will finally fall off.

Types Of Treatments

Knowing what to do will help you to keep your plants looking green and healthy. If your plants are infested why not try some of the spider mites treatment listed below?

Isolate Your Plants

Never put infested plants with healthy ones. The mites usually move from one plant to another whenever there is a change in the temperature. They also are also transported from one place to another by several means. Walking is easy for them because they can swing from one plant to another by the silken strands of threads they weave. Therefore isolating infested plants can be an effective spider mites treatment.

Use Cold Water

Cold water is excellent spider mites treatment. Although the mites love moist areas, spraying them with cold water will knock them off the plants. You need to be careful though, that the stream from the hose is not too powerful so as to hurt the plants. Remember to spray the back of the leaves.

Move Plants

Remove the infested plants to another area before spraying it with cold water. This is to prevent mites from climbing onto other plants when the water is applied. Spraying on the water will most certainly result in the drowning of the mites. So if you apply water on a weekly basis to the infected plant you can get rid of the mites with this effective spider mites treatment.

Spider mites are not to be found only on the plants in the home they can attach themselves to the plants in your garden and on your lawn too. If this happens, the same spider mites treatment that is used on the plants in the home can be used on lawn and garden plants. So go ahead and give your plants that lovely healthy look by applying spider mites treatment to those critters.

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