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Tips on Removing Raccoons From Your Home

Raccoon infestations are a nuisance for everyone. As soon as the weather warms up, raccoons will wake up from their winter hibernation and make their way to your property. They get in to your garbage, spread disease, and isolated reports show that they sometimes prey on your pets. Raccoons may also present a threat to humans, especially if they show no fear towards human presence. Many experts attribute this trait to either rabies, or their behavioral adjustment to humans living near their natural habitats.

There are many ways to prevent raccoons from invading your property. If you notice muffled scratching noises at night in secluded locations in your home (attics, crawl spaces, or even chimneys), a raccoon may have already began to nest in your home. Also, on top of the health risks raccoons present to humans, they can also cause damage to your property by tearing off vents, chewing through shingles, and squeezing in between your walls.

Prevention measures you can take to avoid this problem include:

  • removing loose garbage;
  • removing paper products;
  • removing food;
  • removing any stray berries that may have fallen off of trees;
  • securing garbage can lids with enough weight to where a small animal cannot gain access.

If you determine that it’s too late to take preventative measures, and that raccoons have already made their way on to your property, it is strongly advised you seek professional removal help. The experts at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control are pleased to offer their experienced animal removal services to you. We will take a safe, humane approach in trapping and removing these pests from your cherished home or business. If we notice any prominent odors left behind from your raccoon infestation, we also specialize in dropping cleanup and sanitizing. Removing any trace scents left behind by the raccoons will also serve as an effective preventative measure against any future raccoon occupation. CJB Pest and Mosquito guarantees your satisfaction in any pest removal service we offer, and ensures that any dangers presented by pest infestations will be relinquished – leaving you and your family feeling safe once again.

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